Rainbow Pack


A gorgeous pack of brightly coloured activities for children. Scroll down for full description.




Our Rainbow Activity Pack is perfect for your colourful rainbow fan! 

What’s inside the Rainbow Activity Pack?

Your child will:

  • Design and make their own colourful board game
  • Explore lively tangrams
  • Create acrostic poetry
  • Create beautiful rainbow flowers
  • Tackle rainbow themed Lego challenges
  • Layer up a liquid rainbow
  • Become a scientist as they explore colour mixing
  • Solve pretty maths mosaics
  • Explore chromatography with felt tips
  • Design rainbow rocks to brighten your garden or local area
  • Solve colour addition puzzles
  • Go on a rainbow themed treasure hunt
  • Find colours in the rainbow word search
  • … and more!

Without realising, your child will be developing skills such as:

  • Creating and designing
  • Reading, writing and comprehension
  • Critical thinking and investigating
  • Problem solving and resilience
  • Sportsmanship
  • Awareness and appreciation for nature
  • Number facts and maths concepts

What age is this Rainbow Activity Pack suitable for?

Our age recommendation for this pack is approximately 5-9 years. However, we always say that ability is very subjective; what will be right for one child won’t necessarily be right for another of the same age.

It may well be suitable for younger or older children depending on how enthusiastic they are about the game. The tasks can be completed to your child’s own level. 

For example, A 10 year old may produce a complex response to a Lego challenge, independently solve numeracy puzzles, really go to town on the STEM tasks and take their self-led projects and science investigations to a much deeper level than a younger child. It is important to remember that our activity packs are not meant to mirror what a child has been doing in school, but are instead meant to engage them, spark their love of learning and most of all be FUN. Our own children (aged 5-10) have loved testing out these activities.

Do I need anything else?

Some of our activities require resources that you may not have readily at home but can be purchased inexpensively online or at the supermarket.

Is this a book or pdf file?

This product is available as three options- a hard copy, an instant download and a combo of both. You can pick your own postage to suit your individual needs at checkout.

If you purchase the digital file please be aware that not all pages require printing. Our packs are bright and vibrant to make them appealing to children and as such it may not be economical to print them in their entirety. Many pages are suitable to be read on a device without the need for printing. Please be mindful of this.

The print quality of the hard copies is far superior to a home printer and they are professionally bound with thick, glossy wipe-clean covers.

Anything else I need to know?

Some of the activities in this pack may require the use of scissors, knives or hot cooking equipment so please ensure children are supervised appropriately.

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Hard Copy, Digital Download, Combo (Book + PDF)

4 reviews for Rainbow Pack

  1. Lisa Bowen

    Lovely little pack with some nice science experiments. My daughter really enjoyed this pack.

  2. Krissie Yates

    A gorgeous and fun activity pack to grab your children’s attention. Full of fun and educational activities to keep them occupied for hours. It will grab your children’s attention with the fun activities. I love the high quality paper it is printed on.

  3. Vicky Mitchell

    What a beautifully designed pack ! We had hours of fun with all the experiments and games . Such a joy 🤩

  4. Ula

    It’s one of the multiple books wemve ordered. And just as the others it’s just perfect! It has variety of different experiments and activities! Our son is obsessed with rainbows and absolutely loves doing them!

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