Maths For Minecrafters


A brilliant way to encourage your Minecrafter away from the screen for a while- this Numeracy pack is full of fun and engaging maths activities for children! Scroll down for full description.


Our ‘Maths for Minecrafters’ pack for ages 7-12 is the perfect way for children to spend time developing confidence and number skills through the wonderful and FUN world of Minecraft!

What’s inside the Maths for Minecrafters Pack?

Your child will:

  • Create their own themed board game
  • Decode secret messages
  • Play a Minecraft ‘top trump’ style game
  • Play Battle Creepers (like battleships!)
  • Complete Lego challenges to defend villages against a raid and defeat the Ender Dragon
  • Have fun with 3D paper craft characters
  • Explore origami
  • Locate essential supplies using coordinate grids
  • Experiment with skin design
  • Purchase items from a Minecraft shop
  • Take a survey of entities while playing the game
  • Display data in graph form

Your child will be developing number skills including:  

  • Area, perimeter, shape, measurement, fractions, percentages, time, word problems, multiplication, addition, subtraction, division, money, data handling, coordinates, angles, number patterns, codes and more. It also develops the key areas of number sense, spatial awareness, fine motor skills, problem solving, creative design, representation and resilience. 

What age is the Maths for Minecrafters Pack suitable for?

Our age recommendation for this pack is approximately 7-12 years. However, we always say that ability is very subjective; what will be right for one child won’t necessarily be right for another of the same age.

It may well be suitable for younger or older children depending on how enthusiastic they are about the theme and activities. The tasks can be completed to your child’s own level.

Do I need anything else?

Some of our activities require resources that you may not have readily at home but can be purchased inexpensively online or at the supermarket.

Is this a book or pdf file?

This product is available as three options- a hard copy, an instant download and a combo of both. You can pick your own postage to suit your individual needs at checkout.

If you purchase the digital file please be aware that not all pages require printing. Our packs are bright and vibrant to make them appealing to children and as such it may not be economical to print them in their entirety. Many pages are suitable to be read on a device without the need for printing.

The print quality of the hard copies is far superior to a home printer and they are professionally bound with thick, wipe-clean covers.

Anything else I need to know?

Some of the activities in this pack may require the use of scissors, knives and hot cooking equipment so please ensure children are supervised appropriately.


Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 29 × 4 cm

Hard Copy, Digital Download, Combo (Book + PDF)

2 reviews for Maths For Minecrafters

  1. Annalisa Horwood

    We love this. It’s an absolute must for any Minecraft fans. It’s packed with activities.

  2. Krissie Yates

    This is a fantastic pack, jam packed with fun maths activities. If you have a Minecraft lover then they will love this pack. I have the hard copy and it is brilliant quality, definitely worth purchasing.

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