A brilliant way to encourage your Minecrafter away from the screen for a while- this Numeracy pack is full of fun and engaging maths activities for children! Scroll down for full description.


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This is the first pack in our Numeracy Curriculum series.  These packs are designed to cover multiple numeracy topics in a fun and interactive way. We suggest you use them over a term as your main numeracy resource. You can spend longer if you wish or use them as a supplementary resource – it’s entirely up to you. It is best for children to work through the pack in order as many of the later activities build on concepts learned earlier in the pack.  

The Maths for Minecrafters pack is the perfect way to encourage your Minecraft fan to break away from the screen, it is also brilliant if your child is a bit of a reluctant learner or lacks confidence in their abilities. It’s packed full of Minecraft fun. It is written in easy to understand language using a dyslexia friendly font.  

We suggest the pack is suitable for children aged 7-12 with adult support as is appropriate. Of course, this is subjective and depends very much on the child. Many of the activities could be enjoyed by a younger child if they are particularly enthusiastic about the subject and have support. Equally, an older child needing to cement the foundations of these topics may find this pack very valuable in building confidence and may be able to work through it mostly independently. Many of the activities can be easily extended. 

This pack is 100 pages long! It contains activities, challenges and game templates that explore: area, perimeter, shape, measurement, fractions, percentages, time, word problems, multiplication, addition, subtraction, division, money, data handling, coordinates, angles, number patterns, codes and more. It also develops the key areas of number sense, spatial awareness, fine motor skills, problem solving, creative design, representation and resilience. 

Amongst other things your Minecrafter can enjoy creating their own themed board game, decoding secret messages and completing Lego build challenges to defend a village against a raid and to help defeat the End Dragon. They can have fun with papercraft characters, origami and locating essential supplies using coordinate grids. They can experiment with skin design, purchase items from the Minecraft shop, take a survey of entities whilst playing the game and display their data on graphs. We’ve even added Mega Minecraft Combat and Battle Creepers as a bonus since they were so popular in our previous pack! Some of our activities involve the use of things like scissors, knives and ovens; children will need appropriate supervision for these.

Maths for Minecrafters is available to order as both a print at home pdf and a hard copy. You do not necessarily need to print every page of the digital version, so please do check before you print! Our hard copies are printed professionally in full colour on 120gsm uncoated paper with 350gsm laminated covers and are wire-o bound in silver. We recommend HB and coloured pencils to be used in our packs as felt tips may be heavy and show through the pages. They also come with a complimentary pdf version to allow you to repeat activities at a later date and include 2nd class postage and packaging. If you would like faster postage please contact us for a custom invoice.

We aim to dispatch packs within two working days of purchase; we cannot control or guarantee delivery times.


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