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This language arts curriculum will help your child to develop their skills and confidence in four key areas: reading, writing, speaking and listening. The Literacy Yearbook is suitable to be used as a complete curriculum (you needn’t do anything else) or it works brilliantly alongside school as a supportive resource. Our ultimate aim is that it encourages a love of books, inspires a thirst for knowledge and fosters a self-motivated learner! 

The curriculum allows children to have total freedom and complete control over their learning journey. We have purposefully designed it this way. 

Our suggestion is that children choose a book each week to read and work through the section of associated activities. Some sections are fiction, some non-fiction and some poetry. They can complete the yearbook in any order they like. If they want to skip an activity, that’s fine – they could go back to it another time. If their reading book is long and it takes two weeks, again no problem. There are 39 weeks of sections to mirror an academic school year for those that enjoy structure but please use it the way that feels best for you and your child. Every time they complete a book, your child can decorate one in their library. Hopefully they will enjoy watching their library fill up as the year progresses!

By choosing their own texts throughout the year, children will already be enthusiastic and engaged with their subject material. The activities have been designed to enable all ages to access them. A young child could have the books read to them, their ideas scribed for them and complete the drawing and speaking parts themselves. An older or more capable child could go into much more detail and extend the activities to meet their needs.  

As a guide we would suggest that this yearbook is suitable for primary aged children. It may be appropriate for older children depending on their current ability, understanding and confidence.

Many of the tasks could take several hours or spread over a number of days; try to let your child set their own pace. Equally, some of the activities could be done more than once. You can always print extra copies of these activities if they wish to do so.  

There are tasks throughout the book which have a little box next to them. These are for  children to tick once completed. The task may not require any formal recording so it’s a way for them to remember they have done it. 

The Yearbook has been printed in such a way that your child can choose to theme it however they would like. We’d love them to add borders to pages, to doodle as they think, to colour in the pictures and add whatever creative splashes of colour they feel like. It is theirs to personalise and we hope this gives them a sense of ownership and pride in their work. 

As your child works their way through the yearbook, not only will they encounter various styles of stories and learn lots from whatever non-fiction books and poems they choose but they will also be  developing their vocabulary and building their  understanding and repertoire of verbs, adjectives and adverbs. They will be learning about settings, studying characters as well as swotting up on sentence openers, connectives and punctuation. Your child will lead their own research, present their findings, give their considered opinion and reasons for it. They will have the chance to  create their own resources, teach others and develop their comprehension skills. They will undoubtedly improve their writing, become a more fluent  reader and use their memory muscles! Plus, they’ll  learn about imagery, explore how powerful language is, unpick the structure of a story, identify  rhyme, communicate through pictures and review texts.  

Once completed, the yearbook becomes a great tool for children to use going forward. They will have produced their own ‘go to’ resources for when they need ideas for impressive vocabulary, a way to begin a sentence or alternative describing word, etc. They will be able to refer back to it and  because they created it, it will feel more relevant than a shop bought book. It’s also a lovely keepsake of their literacy work for the year and if you want to have examples to show family or officials, this would be perfect. 

We believe that children learn best when they are self- motivated and interested by what they are doing. We are sure that your awesome child will find lots of engaging activities that they are keen to try. The best part is that there is plenty of educational value in every single one of them (we’ve even had a peak at the National Curriculum  whilst developing the yearbook to ensure a great variety of relevant skills are being nurtured). There will be another yearbook available after this one which will smoothly transition children into the next stages of the language arts. Among other things, they will focus on writing for different purposes and developing the complexity and accuracy of their writing. 

Available as a PDF digital download or a beautifully bound wire-o bound hard copy with 130gsm demi-matte paper.

Hard copies come with a complimentary PDF version so you can reprint activities and include 2nd class postage.

We aim to dispatch packs within two working days of purchase; we cannot control or guarantee delivery times.

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