Incredible Me Early Years Curriculum (3-6 yrs)


A complete and wonderful Early Years curriculum exploring the theme of ‘Incredible Me’. Scroll down for full description.


This beautifully bright journey of self-discovery will allow you time to sit and enjoy a cup of tea while your little one explores and plays through the amazing activities, learning lots without realising it!

The Incredible Me pack has been created specifically for younger children (preschool and reception age). We believe that learning should predominantly be through play, which this pack actively encourages. The 84 pages of activities should spark children’s imaginations, prompting them to interpret things in their own unique way. They will almost certainly be motivated to come up with spin-off activities and games.  

What’s inside the Incredible Me Early Years Curriculum?

We have developed this pack in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, so that the activities help children develop in the seven key areas of learning. These are:  

  • communication and language
  • physical development
  • personal, social and emotional development
  • literacy
  • mathematics
  • understanding the world
  • expressive arts and design

Among other things, this curriculum contains activities exploring:

  • personal information
  • the home
  • parts of the body
  • the senses
  • shapes
  • favourite things
  • family
  • talents
  • weather
  • colours
  • rhyme
  • counting on and back
  • money
  • sharing
  • fine and gross motor skills
  • comprehension
  • reading and writing
  • pets
  • feelings
  • toys
  • size order
  • counting
  • nature
  • patterns
  • people who help us
  • memory
  • measuring
  • addition
  • articulating ideas
  • giving opinions
  • taking turns
  • jobs
  • initial sounds
  • following instructions
  • colouring
  • arts, crafts and design opportunities

What age is the Incredible Me Early Years Curriculum suitable for?

Incredible Me is ideal for preschool and reception age children and depending on the individual child, they should be able to do lots independently. 

Do I need anything else?

Some of our activities require resources that you may not have readily at home but can be purchased inexpensively online or at the supermarket.

Is this a book or pdf file?

This product is available as three options- a hard copy, an instant download and a combo of both. You can pick your own postage to suit your individual needs at checkout.

If you purchase the digital file please be aware that not all pages require printing. Our packs are bright and vibrant to make them appealing to children and as such it may not be economical to print them in their entirety. Many pages are suitable to be read on a device without the need for printing.

The print quality of the hard copies is far superior to a home printer and they are professionally bound with thick, wipe-clean covers.

Anything else I need to know?

Some of the activities in this pack may require the use of scissors, knives and hot cooking equipment so please ensure children are supervised appropriately.

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Hard Copy, Digital Download, Combo (Book + PDF)

2 reviews for Incredible Me Early Years Curriculum (3-6 yrs)

  1. Krissie Yates

    This is a lovely pack for little ones. It is full of activities to help them learn more about themselves and it’s educational at the same time. With brightly coloured pages, it will grab their attention and it is fantastic quality if you purchase the hard copy. Definitely worth the money and you get a PDF version as well.

  2. Vicky Mitchell

    Was delighted how this pack enabled my child to explore his thoughts and feeling about his body. Full of great fun thought provoking games and activities.

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