Turn Easter into an ‘eggtastic extravaganza’ with our very hoppy Easter activity pack! As with all our themed activity packs, this collection is cross-curricular and packed full of hands-on fun.

We suggest the Easter bunny delivers the pack to children a little ahead of Easter – giving them plenty of time for a bright, springy build up to the long Easter weekend. If you would like to cover an Easter/spring topic spread over a few weeks, this pack is perfect! The Easter activity pack is an ideal alternative or addition to a chocolate gift and will certainly keep children busy throughout the Easter holidays.

Amongst other things children will host a pancake party, design an egg catapult and fly around the world as they investigate Easter traditions. They can get busy in the kitchen with a range of tempting treats, design the ultimate Easter egg, save the day in several Lego challenges and create their own eggciting treasure hunt.

There is acrostic poetry, bouncy egg science, a super speckled egg craft, fabulous fizzing bath eggs and a signs of spring hunt. Plus, several opportunities for children to lead their own studies as they answer questions such as: How do chickens lay eggs? Why do we celebrate Easter? What creatures hatch from eggs? How far can a rabbit hop?

Easter wouldn’t be complete without designing and making a bonnet, constructing a pop-up card, carefully crafting paper flowers and starting off some seeds. We’ve also included a load of cool eggsperiments with the chance for children to make observations, draw conclusions and find out more independently.

We always say that ability is very subjective; what will be right for one child of a particular age won’t necessarily be right for another of the same age. As a general guide we suggest this pack suitable for children aged 6+ with adult support as is appropriate. Children aged 7-12+ should be able to do it mostly independently. It may well be suitable for younger or older children depending on the child. The tasks can be completed to your child’s own level and can be easily adapted.

A 13 year old may produce a complex response to a Lego challenge, independently solve numeracy puzzles, really go to town on the STEM tasks and take their self-led projects and science investigations to a much deeper level than a younger child. It is important to remember that our activity packs are not meant to mirror what a child has been doing in school, but are instead meant to engage them, spark their love of learning and most of all be FUN. Our own children (aged 5-10) have loved testing out these activities.

Some of our activities require resources that you may not have readily at home but can be purchased inexpensively online or at the supermarket. Some tasks involve the use of things like scissors, chemicals and knives; children will need appropriate supervision for these.

If you purchase the digital file (73 pages) please be aware that not all pages require printing. Our packs are bright and vibrant to make them appealing to children and as such it may not be economical to print them in their entirety. Many pages are suitable to be read on a device without the need for printing. Please be mindful of this.

Our hard copies come in stunning full colour print with a complimentary PDF version so you can print extra pages as you wish. The print quality is far superior to a home printer and they are professionally bound with thick covers. 2nd class postage and packaging within the UK is also included in the purchase price. If you would like faster postage please contact us for a custom invoice.


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