The Curiosity Yearbook is a fun and gently guided project book for children to explore any topic that interests them. The learning prompts, activities and notes within the book help children develop skills and thirst for knowledge for their special interests while having fun. Scroll down for the full description.


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The Curiosity Yearbook allows children to have total freedom and complete control over their learning journey. We have purposefully designed it this way. They simply choose a topic that really interests them and use the learning prompts to complete their project. By choosing their own topics throughout the year, children will already be enthusiastic and engaged with their subject material. Our ultimate aim is that it inspires a thirst for knowledge, fosters a self-motivated learner and encourages independence.  

The yearbook has been designed to be a ‘blank canvas’. We’d love your child to add borders to pages, to doodle as they think, to colour in the pictures and add whatever creative splashes of colour they feel like. It is theirs to personalise and we hope this gives them a sense of ownership and pride in their work. 

The activities have been designed to enable a wide range of ages to access them. Primary aged children can use it with support/supervision as is appropriate. Older children would be able to use it as a way of recording independent work.  

Children begin by choosing their first topic and creating their title page. They then explore what they already know and think about what they would like to find out about with a mind map. Once they have gathered half a dozen or so relevant books and/or magazines they begin their activities. Amongst other things children will record important facts from their texts, do detailed focus studies of things that capture their interests, create a quiz, prepare an interview for an expert and design a crossword.  

They will (if possible) take a trip linked to their project and follow it up with a host of activities. These include scrapbook style pages for photos and mementos, recounting their day and picking out/presenting what they learnt. 

As well as using their printed resources, children will be encouraged to watch a relevant documentary and review it. They will be guided through using the internet as a research tool, with explanations of cross-checking, skim-reading and note taking. Children will also have opportunities to draw detailed diagrams, step-by-step processes and conduct a survey. They can design a word search, produce posters about important issues and create cartoon characters for use in a comic strip to educate others.  

Throughout their projects children are invited and encouraged to give their opinions and feedback in a variety of ways. They will also find a few blank pages near the end of each project in case they think of something they’d like to do that isn’t already included. Each project culminates with the preparation of a presentation in whatever form feels comfortable. This could be a spoken ‘show’, a PowerPoint presentation, a recording or even a stop-motion animation. The idea is they deliver their presentation to a friend or family member but only if they want to. 

There are three project sections in the yearbook, one for each term if you like to work with that structure. If you don’t then the projects can be worked on as it suits your family. You could even have more than one project underway at a time, depending on how your child works best. Many of the tasks could take several hours or spread over a number of days, try to let your child set their own pace. Some of the activities could be done more than once. You can always print extra copies of these activities if they wish to do so. 

Once completed, the yearbook becomes a great resource for children to use going forward. They will be able to refer back to it and because they created it, it will feel more relevant than a shop bought book. It’s also a lovely keepsake of their project work for the year and if you want to have examples to show family or officials this would be perfect. 

We believe that children learn best when they are self-motivated and interested by what they are doing. We are sure that your awesome child will find lots of engaging activities that they are keen to try. The best part is that there is plenty of educational value in every single one of them. 

Available as a PDF digital download or a beautifully bound wire-o bound hard copy with 130gsm demi-matte paper.

Hard copies come with a complimentary PDF version so you can reprint activities and include 2nd class postage.

We aim to dispatch packs within two working days of purchase; we cannot control or guarantee delivery times.

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