Artist’s Yearbook (PDF)


A beautiful exploration of 12 inspiring artists, with a range of activity ideas, prompts and guides. Scroll down for full description.

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The Artist’s Yearbook is perfect for all children. After all, every child is an artist! This digital curriculum is very much a template. It prompts, inspires and gently guides whilst leaving plenty of space for your artist to interpret everything in their own unique way. The curriculum can be worked through entirely at your own pace although there are twelve sections which would work well at a monthly pace. We recommend printing the pack and putting it into a binder. 

Each section begins with an artist study. This will entail independent research and the recording of information to produce a profile. The artists covered in this pack are: 

Albert Namatjira  

Piet Mondrian 

Andy Warhol  

Rosa Bonheur 


Jackson pollock 

Pablo Picasso  

Dame Barbara Hepworth 

Anthony Gormley 

Georgia O’Keeffe 

Katsushika Hokusai 

Steven Brown 

The section then moves on to invite children to look at two examples of the artist’s work. They will then need to find out about the pieces and make note of their thoughts and opinions. After looking specifically at the media and techniques used by the artist they will then choose and reproduce another piece by the artist.  

At this point children are invited to create their own masterpiece ‘in the style of’ using all the information they have accumulated about the artist. Spaces intended for your artist to create a piece also have a small plaque for them to name and sign their work. 

There’s then a gently guided art activity that focussing on using a particular media or using a particular technique. The activities in this pack are: 

Aboriginal Dot Art 

Lego Block Art 

Pop Art Printing 

Pastel Blending 

Chalk & Charcoal 


Block Colour 

Playdough & String Sculpture 

Clay Sculpture 

Musical Movements 

Potato Prints 

Colour Wheel 

Each of the sections finishes off with two prompts which are intentionally very open ended. The pack contains twenty-four of these prompts. Some examples are: 

Create a piece using only primary colours 

Illustrate part of a book you have enjoyed 

Use watercolours to paint a still life 

Paint a picture using natural objects instead of a brush 

Create a collage using different types of paper and material 

The Yearbook concludes with a guided reflection which gives children the chance to look back over their work, identify successes and consider their challenges and areas of improvement.

In some cases your artist may wish to complete an artwork on card, coloured paper or other material and then stick the finished piece in. For some projects it will be appropriate to take a photograph of their finished piece and stick that in rather than the piece itself. 

This curriculum can be enjoyed by children of all ages and abilities. Younger children can have help with research and recording whereas older/more able children can complete the artist studies independently. Children can write in as much detail as they like and their responses to the art activities and prompts will be at their own level. This pack is ideal for older children who love art but perhaps need a gentle path to help them structure their interest. 

We hope you enjoy a wonderfully creative year. If you find yourselves eager for more then do check back with us. There is already a second Artist’s Yearbook underway which celebrates another twelve remarkable artists! 


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  1. Annalisa Horwood

    Another amazing pack. We’re going to be building an art folder with ours. A great way to encourage children to explore art. Highly recommend.

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