At Curious Little Monkeys Educational Resources, we believe passionately in children.  

Children are born curious. They are born wanting to soak up information from the world around them like a sponge. In fact, their inbuilt desire to learn is so strong, we find it quite magical!  

We think of ourselves as facilitators of learning. Helping our children learn how to think, not what to think. We love to place (‘strew’) wonderful resources and challenges around our homes and let our children discover and explore them by themselves.  

We believe the key is allowing children the space and time to explore topics that capture their interest in their own way.

Often adults (without meaning to) can steer things in a certain direction or make an activity very prescriptive. When children are given the freedom to learn independently, wonderful things happen.

Children learn best when they are happy and enjoying what they are doing. By taking note of a child’s interests or passions and providing activities centred around those topics, you can inspire them in all kinds of ways.

Our resources are carefully designed to motivate and encourage. They work particularly well with children who have, for whatever reason, become reluctant learners. Not only are our activities cross-curricular, they are also a whole lot of fun!

We focus heavily on multi-sensory activities (a learning style that works for most children, especially those with additional needs). Children will need to get hands-on to effectively solve problems and complete tasks.

This way of learning grows an inquisitive mind. It encourages creativity, enables children to think critically and builds their resilience. Our packs are also ideal for boosting children’s self-esteem, developing their imagination and growing a can-do attitude

We have worked incredibly hard to ensure that our educational resources reflect our knowledge of the way children optimally learn and our personal values. We hope your child loves doing them as much as we love creating them.

Thank you for supporting our new business,

Laura and Hannah